Siren City: Primary 6 and 7 Experience ‘Aberdeen’s Blitz Tour’!

As part of their topical study of Word War 2, Primary 6, 6/7 and 7 all experienced ‘Aberdeen’s Blitz Tour: Schools Edition’- a tour starting at Kittybrewster and following through Bedford and Elmbank areas. Our tour guide showed us key sites, which were among the hardest hit areas of Aberdeen during the Blitz of April 21 1943. We learned lots of new facts and were able to look at photos taken the day after the blitz and compare them to what we see today. The weather was super and lots of pupils found it interesting to learn more about their home city during war time. Did you know that Aberdeen was once known as ‘Siren City’?

Look out for further class learning/updates on our class pages.

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