School Enrolment

Primary 1 Enrolment

Please look out for announcements in the press and local community during the month of January.  Application packs will be available from the school office during enrolment week.  Please remember to bring with you your child’s birth certificate and proof of address.

Opportunities to visit the school and to meet your child’s teacher will be arranged in the summer term.  During the month of May parents are also invited to attend an information evening in preparation for entry into school in August.

Out of Zone Applications

Out of Zone applications must be made by completing a placing request.  These forms (SPR100) are available from the school office or online:

Nursery Application

Nursery applications take place at the start of the year, usually in the month of January/February.  Please contact the school for a form – please remember to bring your child’s birth certificate and proof of address with you.

All new nursery parents will be invited to attend an information evening during the month of May and there will be an opportunity for you and your child to visit the nursery during the summer term.

One comment to “School Enrolment”
One comment to “School Enrolment”
  1. We reside near Charleston school and hope to put our daughter to Charleston school in 2021. She currently goes to an out of zone private nursery which she has done since the age of 1. Can you advise how enrolment would work if we wished to split funding across the city and shire. Our hope is she could start gradually in the school nursery for a couple of sessions, retaining her place at private nursery to cover the holidays. Ideally I’d be looking for an idea of the hours for a morning session and for an afternoon session. And price per session? What meals / snacks are included etc.

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