Senior Management Team

Head Teacher – Miss Cartlidge

Depute Head Teacher – Mr Hall

Principal Teacher –  Miss Bruce


  • P1a – Ms. McDonald
  • P1b – Miss Kelly
  • P2 – Miss Body/Mrs Salmon
  • P2/3 Miss R Matson/Mrs Maitland
  • P3 – Mr. McMullan
  • P4 – Miss Morrice
  • P4/5 – Miss McDOnald
  • P5 – Mrs A Komar
  • P6 – Miss Summers
  • P6/7 – Mrs Youngson/ Mr McGlynn
  • P7 – Mr Dean

Specialist Teachers

  • Support for Learning: Mrs Murray and Mrs Hamilton


  • Senior Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Michelle Aitken
  • Senior Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Victoria Williamson
  • Early Years Practitioners: Lauren Meldrum, Sonia Innes, Amanda Duncan, Sanja Rakovic

Pupil Support Assistants

  • Ms Julia Angus
  • Mrs Melanie Leitch
  • Mrs Lynne McPherson
  • Mrs Angela McArthur
  • Mrs Jackie Watson
  • Mr Harry Legget

School Administrators

Mrs Wendy Brands and Mrs Claire


Ronnie Caiger/Dave Chesser

School Cook

Mrs Gail Andrews

Educational Psychologist

Mrs Katie MacPhee

School Nurse

Kerry Main

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