Primary 7 with Mr Leslie and Miss Body

Welcome to the Class Page for Primary 7 for 2016-17. You will find our most recent timetable and newsletter attached. We will also use this space to post a few updates throughout the year including what we are learning about in class, any enterprise activities we are working on, class trips and links to useful web-pages/resources.

Class of 2016-17

Primary 7: Class of 2016-17

Term 3

Google Classrooms

3/2/17 Primary 7 have been exploring Google Classrooms today- a protected space where school work can be uploaded, shared and marked. For the time being we will be using this in class and assessing its effectiveness and possible uses  However, if pupils remember their usernames and passwords, then they do have the option of uploading their homework to Google Classrooms this week  – provided they have permission and access to ICT.

Please find our term 3 newsletter, which includes a brief overview of our new timetable, attached.

P7 Term 3 Newsletter

Rights Respecting Schools

As we all work towards achieving Level 1 recognition with UNICEF, Primary 7 have created a class Charter, focusing on 4 articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights were selected by the pupils of P7 and everyone has helped identify what adults and children within the class aim to do to ensure these rights are upheld. Primary 7 also voted on how to represent all of the children in the class and our selected articles- a Pokemon theme was the clear winner!

Charleston School has been awarded UNICEF's Recognition of Commitment Award.

Charleston School has been awarded UNICEF’s Recognition of Commitment Award.

Term 2

Primary 7 are trialing the Accelerated Reader Programme, encouraging regular independent reading and comprehension. The AR Bookfinder is a search engine, which help pupils identify books ideal for their reading ability and interest level. Access to the AR Bookfinder can be found by clicking on the following link: AR BookFinder


Our Term 2 newsletter is now available to download Primary 7, Term 2 Newsletter

02.11.16 Sally, from Adventure Aberdeen, visited Charleston this afternoon. She worked with those intending to go on our Cromdale residential. She spoke about the week including activities, food and accommodation and answered lots of questions! We also participated in an outdoor, team building activity. We had to encourage our peers, listen effectively and trust each other. We’re very excited about our upcoming adventure now… 


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31.10.16 Today, Primary 7 created Haunted House pictures. On Wednesday, we’ll be writing the opening of a spooky narrative to accompany them. Everyone completed the task in one afternoon. They look great!img_4958

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‘The Trial of Mr Evans’

28.10.16 Primary 7 are just about finished our class novel ‘Carrie’s War’. We decided to put one of the central characters, Mr Evans, ‘on trial’. Half of P7 argued that Mr Evans was guilty of being ‘a bad man’, whilst the others defended his actions claiming he is strict, but fair. Our selected Jury, from Primary 6/7 concluded with a guilty verdict. We’ll have to wait until we finish the book to see if anything changes our current opinion. Overall, the class participated in this task enthusiastically and became rather good evidence collectors.

Term 1

Term 1 Newsletter

This Term Primary 7 are learning about World War 2. 

Siren City: Aberdeen’s Blitz

As part of their topical study of Word War 2, Primary 7 experienced ‘Aberdeen’s Blitz Tour: Schools Edition’- a tour starting at Kittybrewster and following through Bedford and Elmbank areas. Our tour guide showed us key sites, which were among the hardest hit areas of Aberdeen during the Blitz of April 21 1943. We learned lots of new facts and were able to look at photos taken the day after the blitz and compare them to what we see today. The weather was super and lots of pupils found it interesting to learn more about their home city during war time. Did you know that Aberdeen was once known as ‘Siren City’? Check out some of our photos below…


Measuring the damage radius of a cluster bomb, which hit the streets of Aberdeen on April 21, 1943


Comparing homes today to photographs of them just one day after heavy bombing

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Outdoor Learning: Looking for natural materials to help create a model of an Anderson Shelter.

Outdoor Learning: Looking for natural materials to help create a miniature model of an Anderson Shelter.

Plenty of useful natural materials to be found in and around the school grounds.

Plenty of useful natural materials to be found in and around the school grounds.

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