Welcome to our final term in P5! Below, you will find the Primary newsletter for this term. Please note: we will still have PE on a Wednesday, but our second PE day has moved to Friday.

P5 newsletter Term 4


Welcome to Term 3! Below, you will find the Primary 5 newsletter for this term. PE remains on Wednesday and Thursdays. Homework will also continue to come in on Wednesday and go out on Friday.

To simplify reading homework, all reading groups will receive a new reading assignment on Thursday. They will have a written assignment on that reading due with homework on Wednesday, and then we will meet in groups to review our reading on the following Thursday. Therefore, all reading should be completed each week before Thursday. Thanks for your help with this!

P5 newsletter Term 3


Below, you’ll find our Term 2 class newsletter. This will keep you up to date on what P5 are learning about in literacy and numeracy, as well as our topic work and a slightly revised weekly schedule.

PE will continue to be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and homework will go out as usual on Friday (to be returned the following Thursday). New reading groups are up and running, however, and each group will have their reading due on a different day, as outlined in the newsletter.

Welcome to Term 2 with Primary 5!