Community Challenge

The page for all your weekly updates from the Around the World in Eighty Days Community Challenge. See below for full instructions. Don’t want to be part of STRAVA? Dont worry. Submit your distance here: Weekly cumulative Total:

Cove Community Challenge

Welcome to the Cove Community Around the World in 80 Days Challenge.

Our aim is to bring the community of Cove together through the collective goal of trying to walk, run, cycle, scoot or skate the distance around the world.  We want to encourage families to get outside, take some exercise together and step away from their screens every day, for a little while at least.  It is also open to individuals within the community as well which was  requested by the house captains of Charleston and Loirston.

To do this we need you to take part, and tell you friends.  

How to Join

There are two ways to take part.  

1- Sign up for a free Strava account here at

Don’t forget to go to settings and choose the privacy settings you feel most comfortable with.  You can set up a privacy zone around your address but for activities to count in the challenge your activities need to be set to be visible for everyone.  We ask that you respect other people’s privacy in this aspect.  

Once you have joined you will need to join the  Cove Community Challenge group by searching whilst logged in. 

This is a closed community.

All you need to do now is log your mileage whilst out exercising.  You can even upload manually to strava if you use a different measuring app. The app will automatically add your total mileage to the grand total.

Please remember that you are under no obligation to accept any followers on strava.

It is not recommended that children have their own strava accounts, however if you choose to allow them to, you should review the user agreement and privacy settings carefully. 

2- You are under no obligation to use the Strava app so an alternative way you can join in the challenge is by using the form link below to log your mileage and our House Captains will keep a record of these for us to upload manually. 

Themed Weeks

Our House Captains are tallying the distance we travel regularly and they will share how far we get to. For each week of the challenge, the House Captains have set a theme to encourage a bit of fun along the way. The theme for the first week is ‘wear something red’ for valentines week. 

We will also be on the lookout for the best pictures weekly,  Feel free to share on Strava or through Twitter. Any photos you share, please use the hashtags #covecommunitychallenge  #aroundtheworldin80days. We will post the most inventive photos on our twitter feeds with your permission.  

Now the important part.

  1. Please make sure to respect all government guidelines regarding social distancing and meeting other people, which are currently not to meet anyone other than one other adult form another household.
  1. If you see others obviously taking part, eg dressed in red or as something red, say hi, but also remember point 1 above.
  1. Please respect people’s privacy, and use social media responsibly. 
  1. Try your best to get out and log your exercise as often as you can but remember it’s not a competition.  (Yet, there are some segments around cove and who will be the local legends of these?!) 
  1. Have fun!

Good luck everyone- let’s see if we can work together to travel the distance around the world in the next 80 days!